Q. Who are Airlinx customers?

A:  Commercial contractors. Airlinx quote large and small jobs on Commercial and Industrial buildings. We are a one stop shop for commercial contractors.


Q. What kind of jobs?

A: Major projects, such as Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Schools and Apartments. Jobs that require HVAC components, ductwork, grilles, spiro duct and flexible duct.


Q. What do we quote on the Mechanical HVAC drawings?

A: We provide separate quotes on all parts which include rigid rectangle duct, spiro duct, grilles and fittings.


Q. Why Airlinx specialises in servicing commercial installation?

A: We have the latest machinery and software to ensure a quick turn around to meet deadlines. Airlinx products comply with building codes and Australian Standards. Airlinx is able to supply technical data on request.


Q. Can Airlinx supply interstate?

A: Airlinx has an interstate distribution network for standard grilles. Airlinx does not deal direct with customer interstate.